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2021 Edition: Go Beyond

There are these rare moments, when ordinary people get into special situations that make them surpass themselves. When they do the very things everybody thought to be impossible. When they go beyond and change our perception of what a human can do. But what drives a human being to do the extraordinary? To take on a challenge with the unknown and back away from nothing. To dare something new and actually risk everything? That‘s what we want to understand by hosting this TEDx event. We want to understand why the life of many is determined by compromises while some are willing to go beyond and make it happen! 

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Speakers of the 2021 Edition

The Iron Brothers 

In life, there is nothing impossible. There are barriers in life, but no impossibles, and barriers were made to be thrown down. It’s about those barriers, and how we overcame them, that we will talk about, using our own adventure in our first Ironman branded race. 

The Iron Brothers are the first special team that dared to do the most extreme race in the world – the Ironman – to raise awareness for the barriers that people with cerebral palsy face in life in general, but with a special attention to sports. Together they’ve completed several 10km races, some half marathons,   1 marathon, 1 half ironman and 1 ironman. 

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Raquel Santos 

Being passionate about the start-up world and the value of community, being part of this year’s TEDxCLSBE event enables me to share my experience and learnings to hopefully support more first-time founders and aspiring entrepreneurs out there. 

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Stijnn Spaas 

Stijn Spaas was born and raised in a fairly small city in Belgium. The size of his city never held him back, he wanted to gain global experience and that’s exactly what he did. At a very young age, he landed his dream jobs in Los Angeles and later in Honolulu, where he resides today. How? By going above and beyond. By always going the extra mile. That’s how Stijn turned small opportunities — that frankly no one else cared about — into life changing events. During his talk, he’ll share key lessons with you that can help you do the same. 

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Evelyne Brink 

Evelyne works with elite performers and star entrepreneurs to amplify their success and the depth of their pleasure. She is a pioneer in the movement of liberated modern business beyond the social ‘good girl’ conditioning and its “work hard to deserve” mythology. Through her 20 years of coaching experience Evelyne developed a potent anti-hustle approach that elevates silently exhausted leaders to grow their Businesses fueled by extreme well-being. A wildly expressive coach, author and super-mum of two children born with medical challenges, she uses the challenges of life as a nurse/carer/single parent/business owner audaciously to find more aliveness, expression and magic. 

She has been featured on TV and media i.e. as Europe’s Nr. 1 Madonna impersonator, was signed to Sony Music, and travelled the world with one woman shows as well as mimicking the queen of pop, she is the author of “The Artrepreneur. Financial success for Artistic Souls”, “ It takes Guts. A story of love, hope and a missing bowel”, the comic “How to be happy without 10 easy lessons”. 

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Ilza Varínia Maiel Cambaza 

My name is Ilza Varínia Maiel Cambaza, a 26 years old Mozambican medical doctor who is a dreamer and  changemaker, passionate and curious about emergency care, general surgery and how the human mind works. These passions were born due to the hardship I saw during my time in medical school, especially when it came to access to emergency medical care, and I decided to dedicate my life to changing that reality. 

My other passions include reading and traveling and I love to learn about and explore new places and subjects. They often lead me into different worlds and realities, showing me a new perspective. Empathetic and loyal to my patients and loved ones, I always strive to better myself and empower and lift up others around me. Regardless of the challenges I may face, I will continue to work to ensure the universal right of access to quality health care and will make the world a healthier, safer and more prosperous place to live. 

Denise Amélia Matsule 

My name is Denise Amélia Matsule, 25 years old, Mozambican, Medical doctor, a changemaker andmenstrual activist. I have love for my white lab coat and I wear it to give and to serve. Ensuring that an individual is in good health and able to reach his or her full potential, is my driving force. Monotony is not a preference and for that reason I pursue a challenging career. 

I am passionate about books, I love to express myself through writing, curious about exploring new places, an avid lover of acquiring new knowledge and now a blogger for menstrual health and education. 

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