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Anna Maria 
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“Listening to TEDx talks has always inspired me and piqued my curiosity. It is wonderful to be able to change beliefs and opinions with speeches. By being a part of the TEDx team at Católica, I would like to help sharing interesting thoughts and to reach out to even more people.”

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“Thinking about purpose. If every human in the world would follow his purpose, I believe this world would be a more abundant and happier place. Because everyone would follow their passion and would therefore radiate so much joy and happiness, this would automatically bring so much positivity to this world. Let us get inspired by purposeful people and stories!”


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“I want to connect Catolica students and our amazing speakers with each other to spread the motivation, great ideas and the spirit of TEDx!”

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“I love to listen to the TEDx talks and I am really motivated to help organize the event.“

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"Thoughts is what describes you. TEDx is a great arena to share these thoughts. Inspire or get inspired and find your purpose."

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“TEDx brings people together to share impactful knowledge and experiences for a better future.”

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“TEDx talks help share ideas in communities around the world and can teach you how to think critically about new or difficult information - a skill that is extremely important in today's world.”



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“I love the format. Purpose has become such an important topic, and there is so much to be learned from experienced and smart people.“

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“My motivation for TEDx is to spread knowledge and get to know intelligent and interesting people from around the world.“

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Ana Maria
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“It’s inspiring to impact other's lives in a positive way!“

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“I have always loved meeting new people and listening to their own, interesting stories of how they got to where they are. I believe so much in the importance of connecting with people and learning and growing from one another. For this reason I have also always loved watching TED Talks, because I think it is such a great way to learn from other people's experiences and I can't wait for CLSBE students to have greater in-person access to the initiative.“

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"Everyone perceives the world in their own unique way. What I like about TED is that it allows everyone to share this unique perspective with others, helping us to understand the familiar in a new way. It truly promotes lifelong learning!"


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“TEDx is a great way to connect driven and motivated people to inspire one another and share exciting ideas and thoughts.“

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“Sharing experiences, transferring information and inspiring others is exciting. Its not just exciting, it is also an opportunity for our community to benefit and excel and to learn and support. And this is what TedX is all about. Being a part of creating such a passionate event, especially considering this TedX’s theme, is a pleasure.“

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"TEDx enables great personalities to share their thoughts and imaginations. I really like the pursuit of spreading ideas which are worth it, especially in collaboration with all these beautiful minds of our TEDxTeam and the Catolica Lisbon students."

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“It amazes me that TEDx talks challenge people to think differently about everyday topics and give them the opportunity to learn from people with more expertise and experience in certain areas.“

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“For me, TEDx is not only about sharing knowledge. It is about connecting people and creating a room for open dialogue and sharing ideas. It is about expanding our perspectives and getting out of our comfort zones. That is why, I am more than happy to be part of this community.”

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“I am amazed how topics and situations can be seen from different angles. So TEDx has always inspired me by creating a space where people can spread their individual stories, knowledge and passion. But it is not just about different perspectives, it is more about learning from each other, and most importantly, about getting inspired.“


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“Bringing together outstanding personalities as speakers and studious viewers is my personal motivation to be part of the organization team.“

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“Since many years I am following TEDx events closely. My associations with TEDx are inspiring and unique speaker events. I love to have the chance to be part of the organization team and bring inspiration to the student community and everyone who wants to be part of this outstanding experience.“

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“For me TEDx is a way to clear your view on different things. It is gives you the chance to learn about yourself, others and everything around us. It also stands for diversity in equality.“

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“My motivation is to inspire and connect people.”

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“TEDx conferences aggregate a plurality of experiences everyone should pay attention to. I'm very passionate about providing inspiring people with different perspectives of the world a platform to tell their story. In 18 minutes or less, you can learn a new concept, meet a person, be faced with a challenge or be dared to think differently. I'm up for the challenge, what about you?"

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